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Hypocrites’ Claim of Faith

LESSON # 26  HOLY QUR’AAN BAQARAH - 2 Hypocrites’ Claim of Faith Verse – 8 of 286, section -2- And of mankind are some 
who say:We  believe in 
Allah and the Last Day, 
when they believe not. Wa minan-naasi many-ya-quulu ‘aamannaa billaahi wa bil-Yawmil—‘Aakhiri wa maahum bi-mu’-miniin Lesson
Till now two kinds of people have been discussed in the Holy Qur’aan. 1.Obedient believers of the Law of God. 2.Infidels, who denied the law of God. Now third kind of persons will be mentioned here. These people are also enemy and opposition of Islam. But they hide their infidelity and enmity by deception which they have in their hearts, and claim faith in Islam. In the phrase of Holy Qur’aan they are called hypocrites. If a person proclaims goodness of Islam by his tongue but hides evil and infidelity in his heart, this is the hypocrisy.  When Islam proclaimed fidelities of belief in Allah and belief on hereafter, it was necessary for him who wanted to become a Muslim, to agree to these…


LESSON # 25  HOLY QUR’AAN BAQARAH - 2 RESULT OF INFIDELITY Verse – 7 of 286, section -1 Allah has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be an awful doom.  Khatamallaahu ‘alaa quluu- bihim wa ‘alaa sam-‘ihim.- wa ‘alaaa ‘absaarihim gishaawah. Wa lahum ‘azaabun ‘aziim
Khatama-(Sealed) means the result which grows due to constantly refusal and opposition of the Truth. Purpose to seal anything is, nothing could enter and nothing could go out of it which has been sealed. For example if the heart has been sealed, then neither the Truth can enter into it and nor boldness can remain to declare the good as agreeable talk. Quluu-bihim-(Their hearts). Heart does not mean a piece of flesh here but it is the will-power which is centre of the wisdom, the sense and the intention. Sam-‘ihim-(Their hearing), “Sama” means power of hearing, aims their ears. ‘Absaarihim-(Their eyes). (Power of looking). Ghishaawatun-Covering …


LESSON # 24  HOLY QUR’AAN BAQARAH - 2 INFIDELS Verse – 6 of 286, section -1 As for the disbelievers, whether thou warn them or thou warn them not it is all one for them; they believe not. ‘Innal-laziina kafaruu sawaaa-‘un ‘alay-him ‘a.’anzartahum ‘am lam tunzirhum laa yu’-minuun Lesson
kafaruu who deny, who refuse, who disagree. In the Divine Law of Religion he is infidel, who opposes and denies the Truth, who does not believe The God and His Messenger (peace be upon Him).         where Allah Almighty has explained the success and ecstasy of  persons who depended on His guidance and succeeded, there it is also necessary to be discussed the result and condition of the infidels so that difference between the two may be cleared and the rank of pious and abstinent persons be enlightened.        From this verse, now it is the beginning of the people who are totally opposite to the Believers, enemies of Islam, spend their energy, wealth and time against Islam. These p…


LESSON # 23 HOLY QUR’AAN BAQARAH - 2 SUCCESSFUL PERSONS Verse – 5 of 286, section -1 These depend on guidance from their Lord. These are the successful ‘Ulaaa-‘ika ‘alaa hudam-mir-Rabbihim wa ‘ulaaa-‘ika humul-Muf-lihuun Lesson Al-Muf-lihuun – Those who succeed. This word is built from ‘Falaah’. It means, ‘betterment, deliverance, happiness, prosperity, profit, good.’ But literally ‘Falaah’ means, ‘amputation’. Probably agriculturist or farmer is so called ‘Fallaah’ because he ploughs in the earth, sows seed, which comes out from the earth in the shape of a young plant. In Arabic language this word has vast meanings. All successes of this life and Hereinafter have been mentioned in it collectively. All scholars agree upon this word’s meanings that there is no better word in Arabic language except ‘Falaah’ to declare all kinds of success. He will be called ‘Muflih’ (succeeded), who reaches success after removing all kinds of difficulties and hindrances.          I…


Islam claims to be in accord with Human Nature
There is a growing class of people, all the world over, and particularly in Europe and America, who are anxious to understand Major Religions with an open mind, so as to form their own opinion in the matter. To them Religion is no longer a spent-force, but a force which can help us out of the present world crisis. They hope that a Balanced Religion, Realistic, as well as Idealistic, Comprehensive, taking account of Human nature and Needs, in Beliefs and Deeds, can be utilized, in the light of experience gained, to vitalize Humanism, so as to save Mankind from the menace of Heartless Self Destruction, in private and public life. And in Truth, there is also the more vital Problem of Life after Death, a problem which is the keystone of Religion.           Of the few Basic Books of Major Religions, let the Holy Qur’aan give here an outline of its Message, ISLAM, which would include the Supreme Being (GOD), HIS attributes and Manife…